In for the people

Work at TBI Info

A glance into the future


At the end of last month, TBI Info conducted a team building event for it’s employees. During the event, Mr. Julian Maslyankov – the manager of the company, made his annual address to the employees. He summarized the achievements of the previous year and presented the plans for development in the current year. He said that there is a restructuring currently taking place at BIAC and in Vienna Insurance Group.

These changes will lead to the opening of long-term prospects for TBI Info in regard to many new projects, including new markets and new companies in the group. As a result, an increase in the number of employees within the company is expected and further work with TBI Info’s direct customers. These changes in the company will also imply a change in the approach of TBI Info employees, who are expected to develop strong business skills and so-called soft skills in order to be successful when our end customers need IT consulting.

Traditionally during the event, team activities were organized to bond the team closer and encourage team spirit. The main focus was on “soft skills” in decision-making, problem analysis, presentation skills and customer service skills