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Bulgarian athletes returned with medals from Special Olympic Games 2015

TBI Info’s employees organized a fund raising campaign, to aid with the travel expenses of the young athletes.

Our company supported the Bulgarian team that competed in horseback riding discipline at Special Olympics 2015 – the biggest world event for people with disabilities.

The idea for fund raising came from TBI Info’s employees who set up the initiative and donated the collected amount of money to help with travel expenses of the kids with disabilities that were competing in horseback riding discipline.

They came home with total of 8 medals competing with tough competition of 135 horseback riders from all over the world. Veliko Velikov made us proud twice, hearing the Bulgarian anthem with two gold medals, Hristo Dimitrov won gold and bronze, Iliana Tzvetanova has two silver and one bronze pieces and Radena Angelova with one bronze medal.

23 participants in total took part in different disciplines at Special Olympics World Games that took place 21 July- 02 August in Los Angeles, US.

Special Olympics 2015 proved that, although excluded from the regular sporting calendars in Bulgaria, the young athletes have determination and well worthy sportsman spirit.

Seven times in total our athletes and the public heard the National anthem of Bulgaria, during the gold medal ceremony for our medalists.

Our team returned with 22 silver medals in total and 15 bronze.

Special Olympics 2015 in Los Angeles give opportunity to 6 500 athletes with disabilities representing 165 countries to compete. Average number of contestants per discipline is 140.

TBI Info’s team congratulates all participants!


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TBI Info supports the participants in Special Olympics Games 2015

The fundraising campaign supported participation of 3 kids with disabilities in the Special Olympics games 2015

TBI Info’s team organized internal initiative, that came from it’s employees, committed to fundraising, necessary to cover the travel expenses of 3 kids with mental disabilities that will compete in horseback riding discipline at Special Olympics 2015. During a month and half total amount of 350 leva was raised  and  donated  to the coordinators  in charge for the Special Olympic Games.

The 2015 Special Olympics World Games will take place 21 July- 02 August in Los Angeles, US.  Over 7,000 athletes with disabilities from 177 countries will descend upon Los Angeles Special Olympics World Games. Over 500 000 spectators from all over the world are expected to attract the Special Olympics 2015 in LA.

Special Olympics Bulgaria will be represented at the World games 2015 by delegation of 23 athletes, age 8-38 in 10 sports- athletics (2 women and 2 men), badminton (1 woman and 1 man), swimming (1 woman and 1 man), bocce (1 woman, 1 man), table tennis (1 woman and 1 man), powerlifting (2 men), golf(1 woman, 1 man), judo (1 man), roller skating (2 women), and equestrian(2 women,  2 men.

Thus, through sport 2015 Special Olympics World Games will enable the athletes, their families and society to appreciate the efforts and celebrate success of the people with disabilities.

This is another initiative, where TBI Info’s team proves that socially responsible activities go beyond a single action – they bring joy in the eyes of the people  in need.