In for the people

TBI Info presented its case in front of students who participated in “Business in Practice 2015”

On 18th of April 2015 TBI Info presented its case “How to design a business process, part of the resource planning system of a given company” in front of students who participated in Business in Practice – career forum organized by AIESEC. The case-solving took place at TBI Info office; the participants had to describe the process of acceptance and payment of invoice, using flowcharts as well as Entity relationship diagram. During the 4 hours students spent working on the case they had the opportunity to ask questions and to be consulted by one of TBI Info’s IT specialists.
All six participants were divided into 3 groups consisting of two people, so that maximum effectiveness in each group was achieved. It was nearly impossible to reach a decision regarding top performers, due to all participants’ hard work and focus. However, Georgi Georgiev and Preslav Hadzhitsanev’s presentation stood out as being really detailed and innovative.
On a ceremony on 19th of April 2015 at Inter Expo Center, Sofia, TBI Info awarded all participants in the case, and gave the winning team – that of Georgi and Preslav, the opportunity to participate in “Open Day at TBI Info” and to be introduced in person to work processes within TBI Info as well as to real work atmosphere. The most valuable award for top performers was proposal for participation in TBI Info’s Internship program that aims to train and support talented young people, giving them a start in their professional career.
We would like to thank all participants in TBI Info’s case for their excellent performance. We are also grateful to AIESEC for being a reliable partner in this initiative as well as introducing us to such talented young people.


New opportunities for a perspective job

We give participants in “Business in practice” the opportunity to solve a practical case that would enhance their professional orientation. Youth employment is now our mission

We presented our case to the participants in “Business in practice” on 1st of April in UNWE (University for National and World Economy). The event is going to take place on 17th, 18th and 19th of April and aims at building a liaison between students and major Bulgarian companies. This event is organized by AIESEC – international student organization which for the last 25 years strives to develop young Bulgarians’ leadership potential.
We decided to present a case in the field of information technologies. Participants’ task is going to be to think on the following topic: “How to design a business process, part of the resource planning system of a given company”. We expect them to describe the process using flowchart, to think about how this process is linked to the whole system, as well as to develop problem-solving skills (problematic customer, payment etc.).
Organized this way, case solving would let students impress evaluators with skills and motivation in a way they would not be able to at a regular job interview. This fact would facilitate the evaluation of students’ real, practical skills, as well as their teamwork skills. Our expectations from the forum are to shorten the gap between us and students by meeting face to face with them and answering all their questions. We aim not only at having clarity on participants’ skills and talents, but for them to be able to assess their qualities in the practical working environment, being well aware of their areas for performance improvement.
TBI Info’s participation in “Business in Practice” is the next step our team takes towards approaching young people and chasing new possibilities, analyzing skills and giving opportunities for development. After the training of 16 permanently unemployed people for programmers and hiring them under the project “New Job Placement in TBI Info Ltd.”, realized with the financial assistance of OP “Human Resources Development”, our team is again looking for ways to recruit and motivate students to work in the most fast-paced working environment – information technologies.


Career Days 2015

TBI Info was a participant in this years’ “Career days” event, which took place on 10th and 11th of March in the “National Palace of Culture”. During this two-day event we informed the students for our paid internship programs.