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Young people found their job position after being trained in a program

20 currently unemployed young people were trained through the project “New job placement “ within TBI Info  as per “Human Resources Development” Operational Programme.

16 of them were hired and worked in full time job positions within TBI Info. – sited BGNES.COM.

This project is a good example how business can assist at professional realization for young people – usually the most vulnerable group on the labor market.

As a result of the project, these long term unemployed young people acquired knowledge and skills and found their dreamed job as computer programmers – a job perspective and well paid.

On the other hand, TBI Info completed its team with the right people.

Long-term unemployment is a massive problem in Bulgaria at the moment. There are currently 10 000 open positions for qualified specialists. Finding the right professionals is almost impossible, because the education system is not adequately adapted to the demands of the business.

TBI Info is a consulting firm specializing in the software business decisions (ERP systems), and outsourcing of staff that manages development and  implementation of the software for the Insurance Business. The General Manager of TBI Info – Mr. Julian Masliankov announced that during the last 5 years, the staff was increased rapidly: in 2010 the employees were 14 people. However in 2015 the company has 91 employees and will continue to grow in the following years.

TBI Info applies for and completes the  project “New job placement“ as per Human Resources Development Operational Programme.

The cross-financing within the project is 154 000 BGN, but TBI Info adds another 300 000 BGN since the granted amount is insufficient for the necessary education and proper training of the newly hired young employees.

“We selected people with attitude, motivated to work, who did not have  the knowledge and experience and trained them the way we wanted, with the right skills to fit our professional needs, so they can work at TBI Info as long as possible “ – said Mr. Krasimir Georgiev – Director Human Resource at TBI Info and in charge for the project.

After hundreds of interviews at the Labouring Agencies in Sofia and Pernik, 35 people were chosen. 20 of them successfully passed the exam and were offered a six month contract.

The results are explicit – education of 12 hours per day can be crucial to prepare a computer programmer.

At the closing press conference, the young participants in the project told the media how they took part in the project.

Pavel – one of the participants shared, that after going to the laboring Agency for consecutive times, he took the opportunity to register with the project. Skeptical at first, he was amazed, how on the first day at TBI Info they were placed on site and began the training process.

The Minister of Social Policy – Ivailo Kalfin, also present at the closing press conference, said that “The point is to be proactive, to realize what you want and to look for it, no mater the difficulties”. He mentioned that this project is one good example for the employers. “Such project can be a role model for the rest of the business and an approach for more young people to go after” – said minister Kalfin.

The Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports – Kalin Kamenov also addressed the problem with the high levels of young unemployment. He pointed that Bulgaria is at the leading position of a study within Europe concerning the young people categorized in the group “needs” – the ones that do not study, do not work, do not educate themselves. In comparison the average percentage in Europe is 12,9% as in Bulgaria it is 22,7%.

The biggest issue, mentioned by the Deputy Minister is that in conversation with such “needs” group, they do not even know where to find information where to look for a job.

The young people trained within the project, received their certificates and were the good example how things can work out in Bulgaria.

Sofia, Bulgaria


ХV International HR conference of BAPM

We are sharing some moments from the lecture on the topic of “Using the competence approach and the software product TALEO when managing human resources”, which was given by the specialists of TBI Info during the ХV International HR conference of BAPM.








Interview with Julian Masliankov, CEO of TBI Info, for TV+ regarding the project “New work places at TBI Info”