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TBI Info supports again the social project “Reporter Workshop 2017 – Tell About Your Country”

For the second consecutive year the TBI Info’s  team encourages the project “Reporter Workshop”  for career orientation of students  organized by the information portal.

This year, the company will provide material reward for the big winner. TBI Info’s representative will give the award during the official ceremony, which will take place on 27 April, at the Velizar Peev Vocational School – Svoge.

In the second edition of “Workshop for reporters”, where 60 children from six municipalities west of Sofia take part, the main goal is to present the historical and tourist sights in the municipality where they live.

Last year a donation campaign organized by TBI Info’s employees provided a laptop for the project. This year this same laptop supports the work of the reporters in the Training Program.


The winners from the competition “IT project of the year- 2016” were awarded at official ceremony held 21 February 2017.

16825947_1842190386069076_1570492267276944831_o B-Assist

The competition had two primary categories- Public sector and Corporate sector as each of them carried out four and three subcategories. TBI Info’s Project – B-Assist was nominated in “Corporate sector”, subcategory “Banks and Insurance companies” and grabbed the well-deserved award!  

The application which TBI Info developed in partnership with ZEAD “Bulstrad Life Vienna Insurance Group” EAD and with Next Consult – official representative of Salesforce for Bulgaria, brings services in the field of health care insurance to a whole new level with primary focus on client’s comfort and care.

B-Assist serves as a personal assistant that provides access to professional health care online, continuously 24 hours. The application has multiple functionalities and allows users to:


  • easily make appointments for medical examinations and notifies about them;
  • helps customers to quickly send documents about confirmation of highly specific medical tests;
  • stores  useful information about insurance coverage, submitted claims and medical services used;
  • offers new opportunities with each update.

Additional advantage with B-Assist usage is that all insured with “HealthCare” customers receive access to a map with addresses of 600 licensed public and private medical facilities and their branches across the country, in which the insurance is valid.


B-Assist application works on iOS and Android.


TBI Info and HR Industry


TBI Info participated with individual stand at the HR Industry event organised by Job Tiger.

Our representatives from HR and Sales departments shared information with visitors and answered their many enquiries regarding Taleo’s software potentials by Oracle.

Visitors were happy to learn of the many features that Taleo has to offer compared to the common software for Pay Roll, that most HR professionals are used to work with.

Of great interest for the visitors were Taleo’s features for automatic selection using keywords and competency, central uploading of advertisements straight to company’s web site and job platforms like Job Tiger. There were inquiries about the features regarding employees’ management and performance based assessment, remuneration, calculating bonus amounts based on results, reviews, trainings and many others.

Visitors had the opportunity to arrange a meeting for demo of Oracle’s Taleo with IT professionals from TBI Info.

If you are interested in a free on site demonstration of the software for Human Resource Management, please contact our Sales and Marketing Specialist – Ivo Georgiev at tel.: + 359888 313 005, or by mail: