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Introducing professional training for developers is a step in the right direction, according to TBI Info’s HR specialist, Daniela Ilieva

Professional training enhances the efficiency of the education system. According to research, students, who have passed professional training, are more likely to find a jobeasily, compared to the ones who have not.

The idea to introduce professional training for developers in high schools, offered by the Bulgarian Association of software companies (BASSCOM), is considered a step in the right direction by Daniela Ilieva – HR Specialist at TBI Info.

“Lately we are witnessing shortage of qualified human resources in software industry, such change would be greatly appreciated. By implementing  that change in the education system, the transition from education to business would be easier”, Daniela said.

The program, signed also by the Minister of Transport, Ivaylo Moskovski, is addressed to the National Agency for professional training and education. The Agency has to introduce  the new position and a state education standard needs to be added to it.

BASSCOM’s initiative implies that qualification as well as financing of training centers and teachers will be done by the Ministry of Education and science, while the content would be provided by the Association itself.

The plan is that the first group of students would be qualified for junior developers in 2018/2019, and by 2020 it is expected that their number would be 6000 per year.

Professional training reflects the need to combine academic and professional training. Students who go through it not only gain relevant technical skills and knowledge, but they also learn to tackle change and to constantly improve skills and competences, we might as well say that professional training stimulates creativity, the HR specialist adds.


Accelerate your business with Oracle and TBI Info

Operational Programme “Innovations and Competitiveness” gives an opportunity for software funding to increase competitiveness

In a dynamic and highly competitive environment, proper management of resources leads to higher productivity and improved performance.

Operational programme “Innovations and Competitiveness” from EU gives an excellent opportunity to support micro, small and medium size enterprises in optimising their work processes.

Using EU funding companies can apply for high-end solutions that are typically available to large size businesses.

Eligible candidates for this program must be Traders under the Commercial Law or the Cooperatives Act, that meet the requirements for micro, small or medium-sized enterprise in correspondence of  Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Act, should have 3 (three) completed financial years  as per the date of launching the procedure (2013,2014,2015), and have minimum net incomes from total sales during the last 3 (three) consecutive years  by means of their category, develop their main economic activity within  the National Strategy for stimulating SME 2014-2020 according their intensity of technological processes.

Companies will be able to apply with projects for development, implementation, certification and re-certification of software for: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP systems), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM/MES) systems; BI (Business Intelligence) or another Information and communication systems and applications for business management in the enterprises.

An example of resource management system that can be financed by the programme is Oracle E-Business Suite (ERP), whose implementation reduces the expenses of the company, covering all departments and business processes within the business. Since the whole process of management and reporting of the company is automated, the possibilities for errors is reduced to a minimum.

When companies are looking for opportunities to develop such projects, they can consult with TBI Info for advice in order to receive funding under the operational programme.

TBI Info is an official partner of Oracle for Bulgaria and deals mainly with development, implementation and maintenance of integrated software solutions for business management.

As part of Vienna Insurance Group, TBI Info has the necessary experience and potential in order to facilitate its’ partners in the process of identifying the needs for new software, development of technical and projects’ parameters and overall documentation necessary for the application process for funding, as well as direct planning and implementation of the required product.

Eligible applicants should operate in the following areas – high-tech and medium high-tech industries, intensive research activities, low-tech and medium-low technology industries. Co-funding from EU is 70% for all applicants, regardless of their size and category. The minimum funding is 50 000 lv, and maximum is 391 166 lv.


TBI Info gained the trust of Bella Bulgaria


Oracle’s golden partner – TBI Info can praise itself for bringing onboard yet another big client.  Bella Bulgaria AD has become part of the company’s portfolio of clients.

The largest food producer in Bulgaria and a food industry leader in Southeast Europe, operating on more than 20 markets, has assigned TBI Info for the implementation of an ERP system.

To facilitate the work on the project our experts have begun with analysis and evaluation of the existing software, the business processes and all specific needs of the company.

Afterwards they will move to the process of configuring the system and upgrading all modules related to financial and accounting activities of the company such as the general accounting, receivables, payables, fixed assets, banks / cash flows; company’s sales and distribution, raw materials delivery, additional materials and all services regarding stock management and control at the company.

The other important task for our software specialists is the implementation of Oracle Process Manufacturing – a group of several modules that follow the overall operations and management of the production process at Bella. This group consists of the following modules:

  • Product Development – necessary for the implementation and management of production, technology and recipe cycles.
  • Product Execution – automates the process of production tasks from the very launch of the order to registering and warehousing of completed production.
  • Product Planning – assists in short-term and long-term planning.
  • Product Quality – supports quality inspection processes.

According to Evgeniya Simeonova (a coordinator of the team assigned to implement an ERP system for Bella Bulgaria) ‘Developing an automated integrated system, which tracks company’s general activity, will help management achieve greater accuracy and depth in the reporting. By doing so the management would have the opportunity to receive fast, clear and precise picture of the company’s condition. This will enhance the decision making regarding the holding’s future development.’

TBI Info will also take care of the localisation and translation of R12.2.5 according to Bulgarian laws and legislation. That way companies which have chosen to implement and work with Oracle E-Business Suite, could report to the tax administration and execute the required financial accounting reports. Due to the fact that up to now Oracle EBS has not been translated to Bulgarian, TBI Info had to develop a Bulgarian interface for the requirements on the local market.