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For a second year in a row TBI Info took part in the Bulgarian charity Business Run



TBI Info’s employees participated in a charity team building Business Run last Sunday 5th of June. The company was represented by Vicotoria Saxanova, Krassimir Jekov, Grigor Grigorov and Pavel Pavelov. The total number of participating teams was 255.

TBI Info’s team has managed to get to finish on 134th place. Members said the most important part was supporting the charitable cause and helping children have the opportunity to stay with their families. The challenge this year once again was organised in a cooperation with the Bulgarian foundation ‘For our children’.

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TBI Info has more than ten years of experience in implementing big ERP systems


Evgenia Simeonova, Head of department “Oracle Solutions” at TBI Info

When a company comes to the conclusion that the business has grown and its complexity will be more efficiently managed with ERP system, it is of crucial importance to work with experts from the very beginning of preliminary phase, so they can create highest quality analysis of its business processes. These are the business consultants. They look at how processes can be optimised, if there are any problems, what would be the best solution and upon that basis implementation of a corresponding system can be executed.

It is beneficial that employees on key positions, so called decision makers, pay attention to the recommendations given by the experts. If they do not start the process in right direction or fail to pass the analysis phase, there is a great possibility for unsuccessful implementation.

The advantage of big ERP systems is that they combine all good working business practices.

The consultant is responsible to make a judgment what can be carried out with the standard functionality and what is unique about a company and should go through further development.

Precisely in this system customization comes the added value of the expert consultants.

TBI Info has more than ten years of experience in implementing big ERP systems- ERP Oracle E-business Suite specifically.

We have skilled business analysts, project managers, developers, which enable us to complete the full cycle of analysis, implementation and maintenance of the ERP system.

2-3 years ago most of the companies that were our clients for ERP systems were mainly from the financial sector. However now we have started to look for businesses from other fields, in particular the production sector.

We put a lot of money, energy and resources in training our experts in terms of production modules, as we believe that in Bulgaria this is a niche where we could do new projects.

What is the other advantage of big ERP Systems? At the beginning only 50% or 60% of the system’s functionality is utilised. By advancing with the system, companies can achieve 100% functionality, which can be put into exploitation in future.

For instance, there is a big module for monitoring receivables. Each company encounters a problem with receivable accounts from clients. The company gets daily monitoring of payments due as well as communication in case these receivables are sold to a factoring company at some point in the future.  I.e. the whole business model is developed, so the company would not have to pay extra money or make analysis after 2 years. This comes standard with the purchase of an ERP system.

This is a ready-made platform. It has all the necessary parameter adjustments, so that it is suitable for any particular company. This is what TBI Info does – we adjust the platform to best suit client’s needs. Moreover we make recommendations for how this could be done. So, we go to our clients and we share our views – ‘Now you are doing things this way and we consider this process ineffective. We recommend doing it differently.’ The final decision, of course, is up to the client. Then we reach an agreement, we make a contract and adjust the system according to the client’s best interest.

Further we train the staff and we put the system into exploitation. Training is important for the business. It is adapted to each position in the company. Why is it important? Because this way all employees would understand the system, they would not challenge and blame the ERP Project.

If migration from previous systems has to be done, we keep all things under control until the system is practically put into exploitation. It is important for companies to maintain communication with the ERP supplier even after finishing implementation. If issues occur, such that the IT department cannot eliminate, here come our specialists/consultants. A supplier is necessary when optimising the already implemented system. TBI Info ensures constant communication between our experts and clients.


TBI Info: Celebrating 5 years of Successful Outsourcing for Vienna Insurance Group

5th anniversaryTBI info is a medium–sized Bulgarian company, operating in the field of software consulting, specifically in insurance sector and management information systems. It has performed successfully on the local market for over a decade, then lucratively used its competitive advantages to make a cross-boundary leap and export services in CEE five years ago. Its business line portfolio is versatile as it combines personalized approach and partnership with world renowned vendors. Main operation areas are:

Outsourcing of SAP Resources and Expertise in CEE

The core business of TBI Info is SAP implementation for Vienna Insurance Group (VIG), as a group member. In connection with the implementation of a very large project for the owner, TBI Info provides outsourcing resources from Bulgaria. The project aims to deliver insurance vertical SAP based solutions, and the important job profiles provided to VIG in Vienna and other CEE locations are ABAP developers, testers, technical and business consultants, project managers, etc. Over the past five years TBI Info managed to position itself as a flexible and reliable consultant which offers an exquisite combination of insurance industry expertise and software skills. Thus, from a small sub-contractor, it became a reputable group subsidiary with considerable structured growth outlook.

Mobile Applications for Insurance

The incessant drive of TBI Info to be innovative and adequate to latest technology trends has resulted in pioneering into mobile applications for another VIG member company (Bulstrad Life VIG) in the context of its Salesforce CRM system. It delivers a digital personalized approach to insurance clients thus becoming the benchmark standard of automated interactive service in this sector in Bulgaria.

Implementation of Oracle solutions

With regards to its other line of business – development, implementation and maintenance of integrated software solutions for business management – TBI Info implements Oracle solutions and technologies: ERP, CRM, databases and more. The company offers analysis, consulting, testing and construction of integrated information systems for business management. Thanks to the maintaining of a long-lasting partnership with Oracle and a highly-motivated team of consultants and developers, the company has several successful implementation projects with corporate customers of various industries, lately emphasizing on production processes.

Consulting services, Maintenance

TBI Info has solid experience in the design and implementation of IT projects related to consulting, analysis and audits of information resources, building communications infrastructure, integration of software applications, creation and development of corporate IT architecture, security systems and solutions data storage. Since the beginning of 2006 the company has established an INSIS support department. INSIS is a specialized insurance information system used by our client Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group. The system supports the entire process of policy registration, premium payments, commissions, claims, reserves calculation as well as generic insurance processes.