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5 laptops were donated by TBI Info to teachers and students at “Letetz Hristo Toprakchiev” high school.


At the end of February TBI Info employees organized a donation campaign to support schools. The idea behind this campaign was to donate some of the computers that are no longer used by the company, due to the purchase of new ones. The charitable initiative aimed at supporting schools, which have no budget to provide computers in their classrooms.

One of these schools is “Letetz Hristo Toprakchiev” School in Bozhurishte, which received 5 laptops, donated by TBI Info’s System Administrators. All computers were reinstalled with licenced Windows 7, updated with drivers, having both Office Packages and antivirus programs installed.

A priority for the above mentioned school are English courses and IT trainings as well as their integration in all other classes. Moreover, the school uses a software system which enables teachers to create e-lessons by themselves, as well as ensures active participation of each student in the learning process. School representatives explained that technical resources (laptops, projectors, and interactive boards), are absolutely essential for teaching and learning via integrated new information and communication technologies in class. What is more, the available technology in the classroom gives the opportunity for interactive methods and innovative approaches to be used in the learning process, to diversify and enhance the management of the teaching. It helps in increasing students’ motivation and interest, which will turn them an active participants in the learning process.


TBI Info participated at the “National Career Days” forum

image1 (1)The company took part at the 15-th edition of the career forum “National Career Days- Good career, good life”.  The event was held in the capital for two days – 15 and 16 March in Sofia.

The representatives of TBI Info noted a high interest from the young visitors of the forum. Major point of discussion were the practical trainings that the company offers as well as it’s field of operation on the IT market.

 Our HR Specialist met face to face with the future professionals and gave valuable career advice on how to prepare for an interview and explained what qualities and skills must have a successful IT professional.

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TBI Info developed an innovative mobile application that makes an appointment for health insured customers


B-Assist is an accurate personal assistant that provides immediate access to quality medical services

 TBI Info, in partnership with ZEAD ” Bulstrad Life Vienna Insurance Group” JSC and Next Consult Ltd. – official representative of Salesforce for Bulgaria, developed a mobile application that brings forward health insurance services  to a great new level with focus on comfort and customer care .

The Mobile app B-Assist was officially introduced to clients by Ms. Svetla Nestorova , Chairman and CEO of ” Bulstrad Life Vienna Insurance Group ” on February 17 2016.

The application serves as a personal assistant that provides access to professional health care online, continuously 24 hours. The application allows users to easily make appointments for medical examinations and reminds  about them; it also helps customers to quickly send documents about confirmation of highly specific medical tests;  stores  useful information about insurance coverage, submitted claims and medical services used; It offers new opportunities with each update. Also, through the mobile application, all insured with “HealthCare” customers receive access to a map with addresses of 600 licensed public and private medical facilities and their branches across the country, in which the insurance can be used.

The launch of the “the perfect personal assistant” took a year since the idea about such application first appeared. There is a full innovative cloud -based CRM system implemented behind the application that gives the opportunity for all services to be used.

The mobile application developed by TBI Info, is built on the platform “Salesforce”, and is the first of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. Four different systems are integrated in the technical part.

Salesforce deals with overall customer service and the mobile application is one of the channels through which the system can be accessed. The project allows for so-called “omnichannel communication”, that enables connection through all channels – telephone, email, and more .

Salesforce database is integrated with other Salesforce cloud service – Heroku, which gives access to the main server of the applications, the application to verify the status of the insured person with the  hospital and oher. Heroku service is related to the so-called. legacy system by “Bulstrad Life Vienna Insurance Group”. All data is exchanged in real time. An integration with the base system is created, which allows registration of the cases described by the customers’ calls.

It is the first time omnichannel installation of CRM’s service module in Bulgaria. From now on the system can be upgraded with any applications that provide competitive advantages.

Apart from the mobile application, there is an online platform for medical facilities developed within the project, which enables them to make online verification of the insurance status of the “Health care” for the clients of the insurance company.

A second version of the mobile application is to be developed. The possibility to submit a claim through the system is considered as well as introducing a rating technique for feedback, by which customers can evaluate medical institutions, doctors and services received, so that the company can document the real customer’s experience with the medical facility which will be marked in their file.

Free version of the mobile application B-Assist for mobiles using Android or iOS is available for download in Google Play and AppStore.