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TBI Info announces its partnership with Creatio, a leading low-code, process automation and CRM company

Creatio, TBI Info

Sharing common values of excellence, expertise and innovation TBI Info and Creatio are committed to empower clients with intelligent platform for CRM and business process management that help businesses manage the complete customer journey and accelerate sales, marketing, service and operations.

The first step of this partnership is to enable digital transformation for all businesses fighting COVID-19. This will help saving jobs and preserving continuous business operations. TBI Info and Creatio offer 6 months free access until 1st October 2020 to Service Creatio, Customer Center Edition, recognized by key industry analysts. Moreover, TBI Info invests efforts into supporting the Bulgarian companies with free IT consultation to allow them reach digital transformation more effectively. After the pandemic is over, both companies will continue ensuring technological innovation to achieve key levels of business optimization.

With the SaaS market to surpass $278 billion by 2021, intelligent business process management and CRM solutions will accelerate digital transformation of companies providing them with the needed level of agility and flexibility to constantly reinvent their organizations in order to meet the needs of the ever-demanding digitally native customers.

Creatio and TBI Info envision the world where any business idea can be automated in minutes. To embrace this concept, the company provides the top-notch low-code process management and CRM platform for organizations to accelerate marketing, sales, service, and operations. Unlike traditional CRM systems, Creatio allows businesses to accelerate key processes quickly and easily, equipping companies with the agility needed to constantly test different approaches and define the most efficient ways of communication with clients.

“Within the context of uncertainty every business needs to maximize its efforts in ensuring continuous business operations, excellence of customer service, as well as even higher optimization of sales and marketing, it is highly advised to enable them in an automated system bringing sense to data. Effective business process management means also adapting strategy and improving costs with less effort. Knowing that, we take responsibility and we provide additional support the organizations by giving them free access to a much-needed technical optimization in the realm of COVID-19,” said Julian Maslyankov, CEO of TBI info.

“In today’s highly competitive business environment, more and more companies demand for intelligent solutions for CRM and business process management to help them streamline customer-facing processes and gain a genuine competitive advantage to boost profits and more effectively engage their customers. With a strategic alliance of TBI Info and Creatio, more businesses worldwide will have an opportunity to benefit from the top-notch intelligent tools designed to streamline, orchestrate and accelerate key business processes,” said Alex Donchuk, Global Channel Director at Creatio.

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