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“To land a job” – a documentary film for TBI Info

A two part documentary film about the company’s project “New job placement “ within TBI Info  as per  “Human Resources Development” Operational Programme was made by TV+. Both first and second part were shown on TV on 25.04.2015 and 02.05.2015, but upcoming reruns can be watched as well.

TBI Info hired the right employees to complete it’s team among unemployed young people.

Is it possible to become a software programmer after just  6 months of training instead of graduating from a university? Can a football player or a sales person at a book store become a software developer? Yes, it is possible as long as you have the right attitude, as the project “New job placement “ within TBI Info proves.

For many years, IT business in Bulgaria faces a massive problem in regard to the lack of professionals. There are currently 10 000 open positions for qualified specialists. Finding the right professionals is almost impossible, because the education system is not adequately adapted to the demands of the business.

The need for qualified professionals was such a problem that IT companies suggested to import software specialists from abroad with “blue working permit”.

However TBI Info found the source for IT talents in a quite unusual place – the Laboring Agencies in Sofia and Pernik. Unbelievable but true story!

Watch the documentary film in two parts “To land a job”: